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I quit

2011-07-12 16:13:58 by CryptKeeperZach

Screw this dumb site...

Banned from the BBS

2011-06-21 08:01:27 by CryptKeeperZach

I'm banned for three days for posting. It's not what I posted but where, cuz I was supposed to know I was gonna be banned for posting on it. Fucking stupid ass rule. Oh I shouldn't say that, I'll get Banned!!!! OH NO!!!

Flash Crack

2011-06-14 00:57:43 by CryptKeeperZach

Welp. I could get a crack of Flash...BUT i'm wondering if:
A) it works, no sense downloading a potentially harmful program that won't work
B) if it does work, I won't get in trouble for saying I got a Flash crack if I guys won't be snitches will you?
Snitches are bitches, I leave em dead in ditches

Who I Am

2011-06-12 04:48:19 by CryptKeeperZach

I'm not the type to barrage you with stupid news posts every hour about stupid immature things. I'm a person who understands that this isn't a social networking site, so I leave that to those sites. I'm here to play, watch, and even share. I make art, (not via flash) and sometimes audio. Dont expect animations or games, I'm not wasting 600 dollars on something that won't help me financially. Finally, welcome to the Crypt.

Who I Am